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Southern Casa

At Southern Casa, we undertake Contracts, Property Management, Property Estimation and Cost Consulting which are our sole focus. We offer our wide-ranging skills to both institutions and retail investors. Our approach to managing investments is open and straightforward, with an emphasis on team decision-making and long-term outcomes.

  • Global Standards

    New generation workspaces and lifestyles. Developing commercial projects that are at par with the best in the world.

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    Highest standards of professionalism and ethics thereby contributing and benefiting from the growth of the Indian economy.

  • Experts in Communication

    Updated, accurate and comprehensive information on the cost cunsultancy, property management and project analysis.

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Southern Casa is committed to job-site safety and continue to embrace new technologies and construction techniques to better serve our clients.
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News, views, research, reports, analytical information, in depth analysis of real estate properties and trend forecasting

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We are a team of licensed property managers working together to achieve a common goal for our clients and customers.

  • Navneet Reddy

    Managing Director
  • Sangeetha Reddy

  • Vijay N

    Development Manager
  • Shruthi K

    Relationship Manager